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I write this blog post with the intention of sincerity.

As a photographer, I continue to work on my craft and try to make pictures with what I have and resources available to me. My recent migration back to film has been an amazing journey, I've experienced a lot of ups and downs, but more downs, with the occasional success. I love medium and large format film photography and that is when I realized I really don't like being labeled as a "photographer", I wish there was a different word, but I am a person that likes to create images and make portraits. Along with that, I had an Epiphany with the advancement in digital cameras out there, I reflected, and thought to myself, I really know nothing! Not that I don't know, but with this process being in a fast paced environment, it's hard for me to appreciate what I do know. So I decided to do my own thing and really stop comparing myself to other photographers and this time go at my own speed. 

I do look up to other photographers/artists and it is easy to compare and self-doubt sneaks up on me and I tell you folks, that is the wrong outlook. I think its good for me (as well as others like me to be inspired from other artists, although I am not published yet (wink) I am staying true to my style and trying to grow and explore.

When I younger, I was fascinated with how film was developed in the darkroom, but I never knew anyone, friends or family alike who could teach me how to do the film developing process, it seemed so complicated with the chemical parts to water, heating to the right temperature and timing. So I stored the idea way back in the depths of my mind, thinking it'll be a "someday, I'll learn".

Fast forward to today, when I made the bold decision to do what I've always wanted to do. I want to learn to shoot large format and develop film. I want to do develop and process the images I create. Enter in the New55 Film Project. I am a huge proponent of this amazing kick-starter project and I am a fan for life. The folks there, have done great things in bringing back the semi instant film back to life! There is a market for this and for those who really appreciate film. Not that, not everyone appreciates film, but digital makes it easy for everyone and hey! it is okay. I do love my digital cameras just as much and I use them for my clients.

I will add the film to my services soon for clients that want a unique keepsake. The process I must note, definitely slows down a workflow process. I love every mechanical components of my camera. I love the collection of film I have that is waiting for that perfect picture.

New55 One Shot Ilford HP5 ©All Rights Reserved

New55 negative scan result ©All Rights Reserved

New55 negative scan result ©All Rights Reserved

New55 negative scan result ©All Rights Reserved