Woodinville Photographer | High School Senior | Children
Experimental Homesteading
I am ever-evolving as an artist and a human trying to keep positive in life; I found myself journeying into the world of experimental homesteading. I have had much ado of creative blocks lately and taking breaks in between with this global pandemic; I have immersed myself in the world of learning chickens and learning how to make butter. Yes, butter and the bonus buttermilk from making butter. Most excellent for pancakes or waffles for Sunday morning breakfast, by the way. Who knew that this SoCal girl could do farming! I am seriously enjoying the fruits of my labor and taking care of my sweet precious birds. Sometimes it's hard documenting what I love to do, and I love waking up to this quasi-rural lifestyle more and more each day the sun rises. We've had so much rain and have and deprived of vitamin D; it has been fantastic to feel the warmth of the sun and the joys of the simple things in life has to offer. Until next time friends, be well, and may your days be righteous!


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