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Inktober 2020

Stepping out of my comfort zone for October 2020, sure, why not?! This entire year has been out of my comfort zone.

I have not been photographing lately, and frankly, it has been a blessing and a curse. I haven't created much recently as well. Maybe it's this COVID-funk.

I decided to dare myself by joining the Inktober 2020 challenge. What is Inktober, you ask? It is a yearly challenge created by artist Jake Parker. Every day of October, one draws the prompt word of each day.  There were 31 prompt words for Inktober. What is nice about this challenge is just that. A challenge more to oneself to draw/sketch every day—what a brilliant idea for anyone whether one can draw or not.

At times, I found myself frustrated with my skill level. I give it up to those who have the talent to draw what they envision! I am not worthy! Ha!
Trying to think outside the box with some of the prompt words, I used the opportunity just to get lost in my thought process and doodle what would appear, and then I honed in on what exactly I wanted to draw.

It is not as simple as it sounds, but I kept drawing and brooking perseverance. I felt I had some hits and misses with the late nights after work feeling stagnant with my ideas. At times, I wanted to give up and say, "the heck with it," but Somewhere deep down inside of me, I seemed to find inspiration where inspiration was none. Relieved that I did not give up, I accomplished something positive and productive when I see all the doodles together. I might create some original greeting cards, as feedback that I received is encouraging.
Overall, I enjoyed this challenge and would do this again, and as I review this month's challenge, I am proud of the evolution of my drawings. Not too bad.

I look forward to next year's Inktober.

Day 1: Fish

Day 2: Wisp

Day 3: Bulk
Day 4: Radio
Day 5: Blade
Day 6: Rodent

Day 7: Fancy

Day 8: Teeth
Day 9: Throw
Day 10: Hope

Day 11: Disgusting
Day 12: Slippery
Day 13: Dune
Day 14: Armor
Day 15: Outpost
Day 16: Rocket
Day 17: Storm
Day 18: Trap
Day 19: Dizzy
Day 20: Coral
Day 21: Sleep
Day 22: Chef
Day 23: Rip
Day 24: Dig
Day 25: Buddy
Day 26: Hide
Day 27: Music
Day 28:Float
Day 29: Shoes
Day 30: Ominous
Day 31: Crawl