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My New Chicken Life

As this old-time saying goes, "It's never too late to....." do pretty much anything that you have a passion for.

I've always wanted to have a little farm, so I am starting with chickens. I have been fascinated by the homesteading lifestyle. At least in the sense of growing herbs, vegetables, and eggs. Living on a couple of acres, I feel very blessed to take advantage of the space I have and build my little farm to feed my family and share my bounty with my neighbors.
I've never had a green thumb, but ironically, my grandparents were farmers and laborers and had that Midas touch when it came to agricultural gifts. I am hoping that my grandpa and grandma are looking down on me from heaven guiding me.

So, I'm working and studying profusely on raising chickens for eggs, gardening, finding ways to protect my chickens from predators, and deterring the deer and rabbits from my garden. I'm even thinking of innovative ways to have sacrificial plants for the deer and bunnies to dine on.

We recently had some trees cleared from our property to allow more sun and light, and we are designing and building a coop that will be functional and charming to the design eye. I am very excited and cannot wait for it to be complete. Everything should be close to done just in time for Spring.

Now that our chicks are growing, we bought a coop to set them up temporarily while the grander one is being built. I love my little birds, though they are still young, we don't know if we have a rooster in the flock. I observed them every day, and they bring so much joy. Chickens are just a kick in the pants
with great personalities.

I will be documenting my homesteading journey, so here is what I would call the beginning stages.

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