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Mixing it up

Before the Corona Virus pandemic unleashed havoc, I was to attend a fun event to paint a VW vintage bus with a good friend; I wanted to paint something fun for the RV when my family and I go camping during the summer. Needless to stay, the world stopped in its tracks. Instead of opting for a refund, I picked up my pre-prepped frame and some acrylic paints. 

Let's see; I picked up the frame sometime in late April, I started to paint in late May. Before I started painting, I thought about how I was going to approach my project. There was going to be a "to-do" video, but I felt I had enough creativity to let my imagination and the "it's all in the wrist" approach do the work, but this has taken me a long time to get to that project. I was feeling and still am feeling so much emotion with the troubled state we're all experiencing, I've been so incredibly sad and have had massive panic attacks that leave me in such a state. It's hard clawing my way out of this dark rabbit hole. How could I do something joyous when there is chaos? I had to force myself because I don't want to feel like I am. I need to find that little joy and plant that small seed and let it grow.

It's a Monday and drinking my coffee, a light breakfast of eggs, asparagus, and strawberries, I look out my window in my dining room solarium, admiring nature and the birds going about their business. I told myself, "it's okay to find a little happiness."

I prep my little workspace and look around to ensure I have all my supplies within arms reach. I felt acrylics would be bland and not enough paint in my kit too.

So I decided to buy a basic oil kit and some brushes. I used to paint when I was younger, but the last time I painted something was when I was pregnant with my firstborn. That was 20 years ago. It's been a while.

It took me a few days to approach this project, but I was, to say the least, intimidated by it all. I persevere past my doubts and just kept at it, mixing colors and getting my pallet colors together before proceeding. It took me a few days to get it the way I wanted it. 

Et Voila! I finally got it the way I wanted. Ever proud of myself because I didn't overthink the process. So when I varnished the finished piece, it dried nicely. 

It's hanging nicely in the RV. 

Sacré bleu! I think I have the painting bug! Pun intended!

I know my main creation is photography, shooting in analogue, and digital, but I can't help to see if I can do more with this painting medium. 
So I think I might add more paintings to our RV and stay on the "vintage/retro" theme paintings.

Happy to say, painting has helped calm my anxiety living in this troubled world and finding joy where I can find joy. 

Keep good vibes and peace all.