Chelle Caldwell Fotographerie & Art - Woodinville, WA Photographer
Dried Flowers

How are you holding up? I try not to watch too much news as it tends to bring me down in my mood. I do try and make the best of the days inside. I have been going on walks to keep mobile while maintaining social distancing. This introvert is socially awkward anyway; I suppose that is okay. Lately, I've been finding solace walking the Tolt Pipeline Trail. I see more beauty in my surroundings, such as horses grazing, birds chirping, tree limbs swaying in the wind, and the crunching of the gravel as the gait of my walk scrapes along the trail, these are the only sounds I hear, and it feels good. I also have not been creative as I hoped with this long pause, especially in my photography, I miss taking photographs of people and creating rad stylized portraiture with my hair and make-up artist friends.

Now that my photography business has pretty much halted, I'm keeping myself busy as much as I can, and noticed that I have been buying more flowers these days more than usual to cheer myself up. I love how happy they make me feel on the inside like a child discovering something new that they have never seen before with the expression of nothing but awe. It's the clarity I'm tuning into.

Knowing that flowers don't stay fresh for too long, and I have purposely been letting them dry out faster to see how they will dry out. This is the clarity I spoke of earlier. Dried flowers are just as beautiful when they are done blooming, this is a series in photography I'd like to explore more of. Wow! Who knew they could be so fragile and sharp looking at the same time. The texture seems to be unique as a snowflake or one's fingerprints if you look close enough.

I love seeing most fine-art photography imagery in black and white and the shades of gray. I'm a sucker for black and white fine-art photography, to me, I see more depth, and I appreciate the ominous look and feel to specific images.

Here's to my new series since I cannot come up with a better name.

"The Fabric of the Wilted Petal"