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Lately I have been obsessed with film, so I dusted off my 1954 Rolleicord Twin Flex and took it to a reputable place to make sure all the mechanisms were functioning properly. With that, I purchased a handful of color negative and black and white film. I love how today's camera manufacturers make it easy for us consumers, as far as the instant image along with the wi-fi features in some cameras. I have a couple DSLRs and sure I use and love all the bells and whistles, but there is something to be said for that analog camera. All one needs to do is load the film, there no batteries required, just the click of shutter and have the right aperture setting. Standing still only listen to the sound of my breath and now release the shutter. Seriously, what an exhilarating moment.

For my first shots, I set out for a stroll and realized I forgot my light meter. So I had to gauge my instincts to adjust my shutter and aperture. I am very pleased with the results in hand. I used Kodak Ektar 100 film.

If this blog seems more like a blurb it is because, I am new to blogging and I figure my first go would give me inspiration to write along with visual storytelling. I'm going to try and dedicate this part of my site to film and experiments. I appreciate you stopping by and visiting, I hope you like the images I have produced on film and on digital.

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