Seattle Portrait Photographer | High School Senior | Children

Artist Statement

Though I am photographer to which digital photography runs my main gamut of business, I’ve always been fascinated with film and the alternative processes. I’m drawn back to analogue film photography in this fast-paced digital era we live in, simply for its beautiful complexities. I am in total wonder with the textures, the artifacts and the uniqueness from immersing in the alternative processes. Film is where it began without knowing the results until it is developed and fixed.

Using photography as a means of exploration, I like to see beyond of what is front of me; I artfully create ethereal imagery of a time that wasn’t so long ago bringing back the 19th century photographer to which I have great admiration.

I use both medium and large format cameras and have various lenses such as a daguerreotype lens which is my favorite artistic lens to use. I experiment with various 120 roll film and 4x5 sheet film, I also develop black and white along with the occasional color developing.

Fine Art Photography is available for purchase through my art boutique.


Moody Lilacs
Flow of the Calla Lilies
Quarantine Peonies
Quarantine Tulips
Pear for Picking
Las Peras
La Fuente
El Camino
Las Floras
El Cacto
El Cántaro
La Ventana
In the Pasture
Ava's Nest
Little Man
Moody Lilacs
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